Friday, July 16, 2010

Tax Abatements?

The minutes of the most recent County Council meeting show two things happened made me wonder how each could happen in the same meeting.

1. Auditor Dawn Coverdale discussed a forecast of tax receipts being down 8.9% over one year.
2. Tax Abatements were approved for four business properties.

I've never been a fan of tax abatements. Government shouldn't pick a select group of favorites to get a discounted rate or even have their taxes eliminated, while others pay the full load. Offer a competitive, low rate, and business will want to come to you. Abate their taxes, and they may want to leave you when the abatement period ends.

But, this when tax receipts are down? It's as if the Councilors who voted for the abatements were sleeping through Coverdale's earlier presentation.

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