Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh! Politically Connected!

I was thinking about the Hoosier Tradewinds tax abatement when it finally hit me: Hoosier Tradewinds is run by Andy Cook and his brother!

Big deal? Andy Cook is the mayor of Westfield.

Shame on the County Council for granting this tax abatement. My position is that tax abatements are wrong regardless of political connection. But to grant to a political figure, of the same party of all of the Council members? That's ridiculous in the audacity.

Thanks to Councilors Rick McKinney and Steven Schwartz for voting against this tax abatement.


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  2. When asked what one law he would pass, F.A. Hayek responded. "What government does for one person they have to do for all people." Such a law would resolve issues like these tax abatements.

    Also, I couldn't resist this gem from the home page of the Hoosier Tradewinds website, "...due to customer requests we have expanded to all 48 states."